Video Tape List

분류기호제 목저자/출연출판사출판년도비고
V 003 D491cChaos, fractals, and dynamics computer experiments in mathematicsWelz, Garydistributed by the American Mathematical Society1989복사본
V 004 D633 B128fFunction level programming and the FL languageBackus, JohnUniversity Video Communications1987 
V 004 D633v2 Ag37pParallel processingAgerwala, Tilak KUniversity Video Communications1989 
V 004 D633v2 B572eError correcting codes for digital signal processingBlahut, Richard EUniversity Video Communications1989 
V 004 D633v2 G76sThe shortest network problemGraham, Ronald L.,1935-University Video Communications1988 
V 004 D633v2 In4oObject-oriented programmingIngalls, DanUniversity Video Communications1989 
V 004 D633v3 Al53oOptimizing compilers for parallel computersAllen, Frances EUniversity Video Communications1991 
V 004 D633v3 B292cCache-coherent multiprocessors an easy approach to high performance computingBaskett, ForestUniversity Video Communications1991 
V 004 D633v3 D569rReasoning about programs3.Dijkstra, Edsger WybeUniversity Video Communications1991 
V 004 D633v3 G335xX window system design principlesGettys, James,1953-University Video Communications1991 
V 004 D633v3 H559mMassively parallel supercomputing the Connection MachineHillis, W. DanielUniversity Video Communications1991 
V 004 D633v3 K135aAutomated program synthesisKant, ElaineUniversity Video Communications1991 
V 004 D633v3 L199cComputer security in distributed systemsLampson, Butler WUniversity Video Communications1991 
V 004 D633v3 M694oOperating systems architecture in the 1990s3.Mitchell, James G.,1943-University Video Communications1990 
V 004 D633v3 St32dData parallel algorithmsSteele, GuyUniversity Video Communications1991 
V 004 D633v4 Ak32aArchitectures of high-performance 3D graphics acceleratorsAkeley, KurtUniversity Video Communications1992 
V 004 D633v4 F774mMultiprotocol routing in large networksForster, JamesUniversity Video Communications1992 
V 004 D633v4 H392sScalable multiprocessors and the DASH approachHennessy, John LUniversity Video Communications1992 
V 004 D633v4 H559aArchitecture of the CM-5Hillis, W. DanielUniversity Video Communications1992 
V 004 D633v4 M279pPA-RISC design issuesMahon, Michael JUniversity Video Communications1992 
V 004 D633v4 M762dThe design of the Alpha 21064 CPU ChipMontanaro, James JosephUniversity Video Communications1992 
V 004 D633v4 Si86aAlpha architectureSites, Richard LUniversity Video Communications1992 
V 004 D633v4 St32wWhat is the sound of one network clapping? a philosophical overview of the Connection Machine CM-5Steele, GuyUniversity Video Communications1992 
V 004 D633v4 Up7vVisual programming in data flow environmentsUpson, CraigUniversity Video Communications1992 
V 004 D633v5 B413hHow things really work two inventors on innovationBell, GordonUniversity Video Communications1992 
V 004 D633v5 F531iInstruction-level parallelismFisher, Joseph AUniversity Video Communications1992 
V 004 D633v5 G165pThe Power Visualization SystemGarcia, ArmandoUniversity Video Communications1992 
V 004 D633v5 P615iInter-application commmunicationPiersol, KurtUniversity Video Communications1992 
V 004 D633v5 P871oObjects and interfaces for system software structurePowell, Michael LUniversity Video Communications1992 
V 005.133 K314hHow computers have changed the way I teachKemeny, John GAmerican Mathematical Society1988 
V 510 B46eThe European mathematicians migration to AmericaBers, LipmanAmerican Mathematical Society1988복사본
V 510 B63iIndeterminate forms revisitedBoas, Ralph PhilipAmerican Mathematical Society1989복사본
V 510 C833cCourant in Gottingen and New York4. Mathematical Association of America; Committee on Educational Media.1966 
V 510 Er29nN is a number portrait of Paul Erdos, a documentary filmCsicsery, George PaulGeorge Paul Csicsery1993 
V 510 Ev28mMathematically motivated designs a videotaped lectureEves, Howard Whitley,1911-Mathematical Association of America1994 
V 510 G281iInterview with I.M. Gelfand, Rutgers UniversityGel fand, I. M(Izrail Moiseevich)American Mathematical Society1993 
V 510 G752dDescartes and problem solvingGrabiner, Judith VAmerican Mathematical Society1992복사본
V 510 H162Has progress in mathematics slowed down?Halmos, Paul R(Paul Richard),1916-Mathematical Association of America1991 
V 510 H162cCosets, clusters, spinsters, and the Schro der-Bernstein TheoremHalmos, Paul R(Paul Richard),1916-American Mathematical Society1992복사본
V 510 H413hHarish-Chandra and his workHerb, R(Rebecca),1948-American Mathematical Society1991복사본
V 510 In7w 1996Workshop on Minorities and Applied Mathematics connections to industry, October 4-6, 1996Friedman, AvnerUniversity Media Resources, University College CEE, University of Minnesota1996 
V 510 In8a 1986Complexity aspects of numerical analysis9Smale, Stephen,1930-American Mathematical Society1988복사본
V 510 In8a 1986New developments in the theory of geometric partial differential equations7Schoen, Richard M(Richard)American Mathematical Society1988복사본
V 510 In8a 1986Efficient algorithms in number theory6Lenstra, H. WAmerican Mathematical Society1988복사본
V 510 In8a 1986Soft and hard symplectic geometry5Gromov, Mikhael,1943-American Mathematical Society1988복사본
V 510 In8a 1986Quasiconformal mappings4Gehring, Frederick WAmerican Mathematical Society1988복사본
V 510 In8a 1986Recent progress in arithmetic algebraic geometry3Faltings, GerdAmerican Mathematical Society1986복사본
V 510 In8a 1986Underlying concepts in the proof of the Bieberbach conjecture2De Branges, LouisAmerican Mathematical Society1986복사본
V 510 In8a 1986Geometry of four dimensional manifolds1Donaldson, Simon KAmerican Mathematical Society1988복사본
V 510 In8a 1986 v.8Classifying general classes8Shelah, SaharonAmerican Mathematical Society1988복사본
V 510 In8a 1990Addresses on the works of Fields medalists and Rolf Nevanlinna prize winner17Nihon Su gakkaiAmerican Mathematical Society1990복사본
V 510 In8a 1990Gauge theories and the Jones polynomial16Witten, EAmerican Mathematical Society1990복사본
V 510 In8a 1990Multidimensional hypergeometric functions and their appearance in conformal field theory, algebraicVarchenko, A. N(Aleksandr Nikolaevich)American Mathematical Society1990복사본
V 510 In8a 1990Applications of non-linear analysis in topology14Uhlenbeck, Karen KAmerican Mathematical Society1990복사본
V 510 In8a 1990Hyperbolic Billiards13Sinai, IAkov Grigor evich,1935-American Mathematical Society1990복사본
V 510 In8a 1990Birational classification of algebraic threefolds12Mori, ShigefumiAmerican Mathematical Society1990복사본
V 510 In8a 1990Pseudodifferential operators, corners and singular limits11Melrose, Richard BAmerican Mathematical Society1990복사본
V 510 In8a 1990Dynamical and ergodic properties of subgroup actions on homogeneous spaces10Margulis, Grigorii AAmerican Mathematical Society1990복사본
V 510 In8a 1990Intersection cohomology methods in representation theory8Lusztig, George,1946-American Mathematical Society1990복사본
V 510 In8a 1990Geometric algorithms and algorithmic geometry7Lova sz, La szlo ,1948-American Mathematical Society1990복사본
V 510 In8a 1990Von Neumann algebras in mathematics and physics6Jones, Vaughan F. R.,1952-American Mathematical Society1990복사본
V 510 In8a 1990Braids, Galois groups and some arithmetic functions4Ihara, Y(Yasutaka),1938-American Mathematical Society1990복사본
V 510 In8a 1990Elliptic methods in variational problems4Floer, AndreasAmerican Mathematical Society1990복사본
V 510 In8a 1990The conformal field theory from the view of the cohomology theory of the lie algebras3Feigin, Boris LAmerican Mathematical Society1990복사본
V 510 In8a 1990Computational complexity of higher type functions2Cook, Stephen AAmerican Mathematical Society1990복사본
V 510 In8a 1990Recent work on motifs1Bloch, SpencerAmerican Mathematical Society1990복사본
V 510 L256cCase studies of political opinions passed off as science and mathematicsLang, Serge,1927-American Mathematical Society1990복사본
V 510 L45fThe flowering of applied mathematics in AmericaLax, Peter DAmerican Mathematical Society1989 
V 510 M222fFifty years of Mathematical ReviewsMac Lane, Saunders,1909-American Mathematical Society1990복사본
V 510 M781cChallenge in the classroom the methods of R. L. Moore 3.Mathematical Association of AmericaMathematical Association of America; Committee on Educational Media.1966 
V 510 M853tTalks on the medal and prize winnersMoser, Ju rgen,1928-distributed by American Mathematical Society1986 
V 510 M855fFrom Coxeter diagrams to Kummer identitiesMostow, George DAmerican Mathematical Society1991복사본
V 510 P768tTeaching us a lesson let us teach guessing 3, 4, 10 1.Po lya, George,1887-1985Mathematical Association of America1966 
V 510 P76sSome mathematics of baseballPollak, Henry OAmerican Mathematical Society1993 
V 510 V896jJohn Von Neumann a documentary 2.Mathematical Association of AmericaMathematical Association of America1966 
V 510.28553 W833iIntroducing MathematicaWolfram, StephenScience Television Production1989 
V 510.9 B667nThe new shepherd s lamp y Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, Franc ois Tisseyre, Claire WeingartenBourguignon, Jean-Pierre,1947-CNRS Audiovisuel [distributor]1995 
V 510.9 M919oOscar Zariski and his workMumford, DavidAmerican Mathematical Society1988 
V 511.322 B289nNonwellfounded sets and their applicationsBarwise, JonAmerican Mathematical Society1990복사본
V 511.322 D263gGeorg Cantor : the battle for transfinite set theoryDauben, Joseph WAmerican Mathematical Society1988 
V 511.5 C472lLaplacians of graphs and hypergraphsChung, Fan R. KAmerican Mathematical Society1992 
V 511.52 M822lλ- trees and their applicationsMorgan, John W.,1946-American Mathematical Society1991복사본
V 511.6 G76aArithmetic progressions from Hilbert to ShelahGraham, Ronald L.,1935-American Mathematical Society1989 
V 511.8 St82mModelling and the modelling cycleStratford, JohnOpen University Educational Enterprises1983복사본
V 511.8 St82rRates of changeStratford, JohnOpen University Educational Enterprises1983복사본
V 512 M222aAlgebra as a means of understanding mathematicsMac Lane, Saunders,1909-American Mathematical Society1991복사본
V 512.2 C941cA century of representation theory of finite groupsCurtis, Charles WAmerican Mathematical Society1990복사본
V 512.2 W155sSome applications of group representationsWallach, Nolan RAmerican Mathematical Society1990복사본
V 512.55 H314eEpisodes in the origins of the representation theory of lie algebrasHawkins, Thomas,1938-American Mathematical Society1986복사본
V 512.55 V86rRepresentations of reductive Lie groupsVogan, David A.,1954-American Mathematical Society1988 
V 512.74 C423cCharacteristic formsChern, Shiing-Shen,1911-American Mathematical Society1993 
V 512.74 C769aax2 + hxy + cy2 = nConway, John HortonAmerican Mathematical Society1990 
V 512.74 L548aAlgorithms in algebraic number theoryLenstra, H. WAmerican Mathematical Society1992 
V 512.74 M458fFermat s last theoremMazur, BarryAmerican Mathematical Society1995 
V 512.74 R355mModular elliptic curves and Fermat s last theoremRibet, KennethAmerican Mathematical Society1993 
V 512.74 W647fFermat s last theorem the theorem and its proof, an exploration of issues and ideasBaxter, ArleneMSRI1993 
V 512.74 W647pThe proofKeach, StacyWGBH Boston Video1997 
V 512.943 H162mMatrices I have metHalmos, Paul R(Paul Richard),1916-American Mathematical Society1986복사본
V 514 Ed83r v.1Regular homotopies in the planeEducation Development CenterInternational Film Bureau1972복사본
V 514 Ed83sSpace filling curvesEducation Development CenterInternational Film Bureau1975복사본
V 514 Ed83tTurning a sphere inside outEducation Development CenterInternational Film Bureau1976복사본
V 514 L579oOutside inBen-Zvi, DavidThe Geometry Center1994 
V 514 M837pPits, peaks and passes a lecture on critical point theoryMorse, Marston,1892-Mathematical Association of America1993 
V 514.2 T191sThe Seiberg-Witten invariantsTaubes, Clifford,1954-American Mathematical Society1995 
V 514.224 B537nA new look at knot polynomials lecture, January 8, 1992, Baltimore, MDBirman, Joan S.,1927-American Mathematical Society1992 
V 514.224 C173cColoring knotsCappell, SylvainAmerican Mathematical Society1992복사본
V 514.224 G292nNot knotEpstein, D. B. Adistributed by AK Peters1991 
V 514.72 Sm16sThe story of the higher dimensional Poincare conjecture what actually happened on the beaches of RioSmale, Stephen,1930-American Mathematical Society1989 
V 514.74 B658tThe topological constraints on analysisBott, Raoul,1924-American Mathematical Society1988 
V 514.74 H861bThe beauty and complexity of the Mandelbrot setHubbard, John HamalThe Science Television Production1989복사본
V 515 N858pPedagogical peeves and other complaints of age Crazy Al, still tecahing calculus after all these yeaNovikoff, AlbertAmerican Mathematical Society1992복사본
V 515 St81tThe teaching of calculus careful changesStrang, GilbertAmerican Mathematical Society1992복사본
V 515.2433 D263mMAA invited address wavelets making waves in mathematics and engineeringDaubechies, IngridAmerican Mathematical Society1993 
V 515.35 C85vViscosity solutions of partial differential equationsCrandall, Michael GAmerican Mathematical Society1990 
V 515.35 M797tTransonic flow and mixed equationsMorawetz, Cathleen SAmerican Mathematical Society1989 
V 515.35 Si53fFifty years of Eigenvalue perturbation theorySimon, Barry,1946-American Mathematical Society1990복사본
V 515.352 D491tTransition to chaos the orbit diagram and the Mandelbrot SetDevaney, Robert L.,1948-Science Television1990복사본
V 515.353 N629oOn the maximum principleNirenberg, LAmerican Mathematical Society1992 
V 516 C823aArabescos y geometriaCosta Conza lez, Antonio Fe lixSpringer1999 
V 516 K52gThe geometer s sketchpad welcome to the sketchpad classroomKey Curriculum PressKey Curriculum Press1995 
V 516 N213cCentral PerspectivitiesNational Science Foundation (U.S.)International Film Bureau19uu복사본
V 516 N213dDihedral KaleidoscopesNational Science Foundation (U.S.)International Film Bureau1990복사본
V 516 N213iInversionNational Science Foundation (U.S.)College Geometry Project, University of Minnesota1980복사본
V 516 N213pProjective generation of conicsNational Science Foundation (U.S.)International Film Bureau19uu복사본
V 516 N216oOrthogonal projectionNational Science Foundation (U.S.)International Film Bureau1980복사본
V 516 Se48oComputing optimal geometries lectures presented at the AMS special session, Computing Optimal GeometTaylor, Jean EAmerican Mathematical Society1991복사본
V 516.15 B22hThe Hypercube projections and slicingInternational Film BureauInternational Film Bureau19uu복사본
V 516.15 H589sSymmetries of the cubeHines, JayInternational Film Bureau1980복사본
V 516.2 Ap46sThe Story of piApostol, Tom MCalifornia Institute of Technology1989 
V 516.2 Ap46tThe Tunnel of SamosApostol, Tom MCalifornia Institute of Technology1995 
V 516.36 B81iIn search of symmetry AMS retiring presidential addressBrowder, WilliamAmerican Mathematical Society1994 
V 516.36 G76cCombinatorial reconstruction theoremsGraham, Ronald L.,1935-American Mathematical Society1992복사본
V 516.36 G945zZoll SurfacesGuillemin, V.,1937-American Mathematical Society1986복사본
V 516.36 M459aApplications of PDE methods by Gromov, Floer and others to symplectic geometryMcDuff, DusaAmerican Mathematical Society1990 
V 516.362 H675nNatural minimal surfaces via theory and computationHoffman, David A.,1944-Science Television Production1990복사본
V 516.362 M821cCompound soap bubbles, shortest networks, and minimal surfacesMorgan, FrankAmerican Mathematical Society1992 
V 516.362 P767tTouching soap filmsPolthier, KonradSpringer-Verlag1999 
V 516.373 Sch63tThe theory and applications of harmonic mappings between Riemannian manifoldsSchoen, Richard(Richard M.)American Mathematical Society1992 
V 519.2 B241aApplications of probabilityBarker, AndrewOpen University1988복사본
V 519.2 R74iIntroduction to geometric probabilityRota, Gian-Carlo,1932-American Mathematical Society1997 
V 530 Sm16wWhat is chaosSmale, Stephen,1930-[s.n.]1994 
V 530.1 W784mM-theoryWitten, EAmerican Mathematical Society1998 
V 530.1 W784sString theory and geometryWitten, Edistributed by American Mathematical Society1986 
V 530.12 At49mThe Mysteries of spaceAtiyah, Michael Francis,1929-American Mathematical Society1992 
V 530.15 Si64cThe current interface of geometry and elementary particle physicsSinger, I. M(Isadore Manuel),1924-American Mathematical Society1994 
V 530.429 B759mMathematical problems of liquid crystalsBrezis, H(Haim)American Mathematical Society1990 
V 536.2 W654oOptimization of extended surfaces for heat transferWilkins, J. ErnestAmerican Mathematical Society1994 
V 548.5 C739pProceedings of the Computational Crystal Growers WorkshopComputational Crystal Growers Workshop,(1992American Mathematical Society1992 
V 548.7 T212cCrystals, in equilibrium and otherwiseTaylor, JeanAmerican Mathematical Society1990 
V 623.8 B436eEstimating weightsv. 1Benford, HarryUniversity of Michigan1985복사본

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