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공지 이용방법 file
261 Methods of Multivariate Analysis, 3rd ed. file
260 Numerical Methods for Roots of Polynomials file
259 Markov Processes for Stochastic Modeling, 2nd ed. file
258 Model Building in Mathematical Programming, 5th ed. file
257 Computational Statistics, 2nd ed. file
256 Introduction to Stochastic Analysis : integrals and differential equations file
255 Introduction to Stochastic Models file
254 The Elements of Cantor Sets : with applications file
253 An Introduction to Statistical Computing file
252 Mathematical Formulas for Industrial and Mechanical Engineering file
251 An Easy Path to Convex Analysis and Applications file
250 Introduction to Combinatorics, 2nd ed. file
249 Probability and Random Processes file
248 Fractional Calculus View of Complexity : Tomorrow’s Science file
247 The Grassmannian Variety : Geometric and Representation-Theoretic Aspects file
246 Big Data Analysis for Bioinformatics and Biomedical Discoveries file
245 Advances in Mathematical Modeling, Optimization and Optimal Control file
244 Convex Analysis and Global Optimization file
243 Biostatistics in Public Health Using STATA file
242 An Introduction to the Representation Theory of Groups file

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