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81 Perverse Sheaves and Applications to Representation Theory 9781470466688  Pramod N. Achar  AMS 
80 The Influence of Computers and Informatics on Mathematics and its Teaching file 9781139013482  R. F. Churchhouse, B. Cornu, A. G. Howson, J.-P. Kahane, J. H. van Lint, F. Pluvinage, A. Ralston, M. Yamaguti  Cambridge University Press 
79 Random Walk, Brownian Motion, and Martingales 9783030789398  Rabi Bhattacharya-Edward C. Waymire  Springer 
78 Maximal Cohen–Macaulay Modules and Tate Cohomology 9781470467920  Ragnar-Olaf Buchweitz  AMS 
77 Potential Theory in the Complex Plane 9780511623776  Ransford  Cambridge University Press 
76 Function Theory and $ℓ^{p}$ Spaces 9781470460099  Raymond Cheng-Javad Mashreghi-William T. Ross  AMS 
75 Methods of Multivariate Analysis, 3rd ed. file 9781118391655  Rencher, Alvin C.-Christensen, William F  Wiley;AN=472234 
74 Lectures on Differential Topology 9781470466732  Riccardo Benedetti  AMS 
73 Calculus of Thought : Neuromorphic Logistic Regression in Cognitive Machines file 9780124104525  Rice, Daniel M.  Academic Press;AN=516205 
72 Explorations in Complex Functions 9783030545338  Richard Beals-Roderick S. C. Wong  Springer 
71 FROM CATEGORIES TO HOMOTOPY THEORY. 9781108855891  RICHTER, BIRGIT  Cambridge University Press 
70 Horizons of Fractal Geometry and Complex Dimensions 9781470453152  Robert G. Niemeyer-Erin P. J. Pearse-John A. Rock-Tony Samuel  AMS 
69 The Adams Spectral Sequence for Topological Modular Forms 9781470465636  Robert R. Bruner-John Rognes  AMS 
68 Algebraic Geometry 9781475738490  Robin Hartshorne  Springer 
67 Topics in Matrix Analysis file 9780511840371  Roger A. Horn, Charles R. Johnson  Cambridge University Press 
66 Convex Bodies: The Brunn–Minkowski Theory, 2nd ed. file 9781139003858  Rolf Schneider  Cambridge University Press 
65 INTEGRABLE SYSTEMS AND ALGEBRAIC GEOMETRY: A CELEBRATION OF EMMA PREVIATO'S 65TH BIRTHDAY; V. 1 9781108773287  Ron Donagi, Tony Shaska  Cambridge University Press 
64 INTEGRABLE SYSTEMS AND ALGEBRAIC GEOMETRY: A CELEBRATION OF EMMA PREVIATO'S 65TH BIRTHDAY; V. 2 9781108773355  Ron Donagi, Tony Shaska  Cambridge University Press 
63 Advances in Complex Geometry 9781470453954  Rubinstein, Yanir A.-Shiffman, Bernard  AMS 
62 Fourier Analysis on Groups file 9780486821016  Rudin, Walter  Dover Publications 

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