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241 Bayesian Statistics : an introduction, 4th ed. file
240 Methods of Multivariate Analysis, 3rd ed. file
239 Model Building in Mathematical Programming, 5th ed. file
238 The Elements of Cantor Sets : with applications file
237 Computational Statistics, 2nd ed. file
236 Introductory Biostatistics, Second edition file
235 Introduction to Stochastic Analysis : integrals and differential equations file
234 Introduction to Combinatorics, 2nd ed. file
233 Stochastic Geometry and Its Applications, 3rd ed. file
232 An Introduction to Statistical Computing file
231 Probability and Random Processes file
230 Matrix Analysis for Statistics, Third edition file
229 Applications of Regression Models in Epidemiology file
228 Causality : statistical perspectives and applications file
227 Convex Bodies: The Brunn–Minkowski Theory, 2nd ed. file
226 Mathematics of Public Key Cryptography
225 The Influence of Computers and Informatics on Mathematics and its Teaching file
224 A Voyage Through Turbulence file
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222 Multiscale Stochastic Volatility for Equity, Interest Rate, and Credit Derivatives file

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