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188 Beyond Hyperbolicity file
187 Lectures on Poisson Geometry
2022.10.21. QSMS E-book No.22  
186 Centenary of the Borel Conjecture
2021.03.24. QSMS E-book No.81  
185 Linear Partial Differential Equations and Fourier Theory file
184 Introduction to Stochastic Analysis : integrals and differential equations file
183 An Introduction to Fourier Analysis and Generalised Functions file
182 Jordan Structures in Lie Algebras
2021.03.24. QSMS E-book No.30  
181 Differential Geometry : Connections, Curvature, and Characteristic Classes file
180 A Tour of Representation Theory file
179 Surveys in Combinatorics 2019 file
178 Topological Theory of Graphs, DG edition file
177 Stochastic Stability of Differential Equations in Abstract Spaces file
176 Geometric Analysis
175 Moduli Spaces file
174 Topological Persistence in Geometry and Analysis
2021.03.24. QSMS E-book No.90  
173 Bayesian Statistics : an introduction, 4th ed. file
172 Geometric Relativity
2021.03.24. QSMS E-book No.17  
171 Introductory Biostatistics, Second edition file
170 Intersection Homology & Perverse Sheaves : With Applications to Singularities
2021.03.24. QSMS E-book No.7  
169 Flag Varieties : An Interplay of Geometry, Combinatorics, and Representation Theory file



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