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41 Kurt Gödel and the Foundations of Mathematics: Horizons of Truth file
40 Hodge Theory and Complex Algebraic Geometry I
39 A First Course of Homological Algebra
38 Advances in Mathematical Modeling, Optimization and Optimal Control file
37 Topological Methods in Group Theory file
36 Beyond Hyperbolicity file
35 Introductory Biostatistics, Second edition file
34 Big Data Analysis for Bioinformatics and Biomedical Discoveries file
33 Model Building in Mathematical Programming, 5th ed. file
32 Foundations of Cryptography Volume 2
31 Algebraic Shift Register Sequences
30 The Restricted Three-Body Problem and Holomorphic Curves file
29 All the Mathematics You Missed: But Need to Know for Graduate School file
28 Prime Numbers and the Riemann Hypothesis file
27 Handbook of Teichmüller Theory, Volume VII file
26 Multiscale Stochastic Volatility for Equity, Interest Rate, and Credit Derivatives file
25 An Easy Path to Convex Analysis and Applications file
24 Icons of Mathematics: An Exploration of Twenty Key Images file
23 The Mathematics of Infinity : a guide to great ideas, 2nd ed. file
22 Number Theory, Fourier Analysis and Geometric Discrepancy file

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